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Answers to FAQ

What is VPF?

VPF's Pro Liaison

How it Works

  1. Subscribe and submit your query letter.

  2. Our Pros take a look and must respond back to you.

  3. Your movie is made and you graciously accept an award for "Best Screenplay."


"You have seen a need in the world and filled it. You have provided/continue to provide access through VPF, a conduit to the Industry, that those of us just outside might partake in some degree, to become Participants as it were in walking through doors that might otherwise never have been opened to us but through your good works and efforts in having left those doors ajar."

Richard Wheelock

"Thank you so much for the feedback, suggestions and so much more. Intuitively, everything you wrote sounds correct. I'm getting back to work tonight! You'll be hearing from me again in the future."

Heather McBride

"After sending out, on my own, approximately twenty-five query letters to WGA agents, production companies and managers and receiving only one reply for my script, I signed up with Virtual Pitch Fest and after only four days, I have received three requests for my screenplay, 'The Rose Chronicles.' Thank you so much for your assistance. What a great service."

Bonnie Howell
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