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"This isn't a success story as I just joined the site.  As I just started this past year in doing screenplay and script writing, I have read in many places as to how tough it is - not only just to get someone to read a script - but also send it to them and get someone to just look at a logline. This is a great site that puts people in the industry at the fingertips of people like me that I can reach out to. It's an invaluable tool to make contacts with people that I would have spent hours researching and digging through just to try and find and even at that point maybe not being able to get them to read anything. So far I have been rejected 3 times. It's a great feeling. I know that sounds weird but coming from a career as a computer programmer, for 12+ years, where I can send countless resumes out at times and not even get back so much as a rejection, it's nice to at least get that feedback - and that is all because of how you guys setup your process."

John German

"Thanks for the great analysis. "

Morgan Hobbs

"I’m not sure whether you’re looking for deals, but I got a script request from Night and Day Pictures (the same company I’d tried to reach in other ways but been unable to find a working email for). That made me very happy!"

Pamela Heath
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