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"...Pleased to see that my latest script, 'The Narrow Edge' made it on your Hot List.  I was contacted by a Manager solely on that. What a great idea!"

David Deverell

"I would just like to say how nice it is to have a place where I can come and present our materials.  We’ve been blessed to have six submission requests since I started using Virtual Pitch Fest. I’m sure that’s not a high number for some and the numbers might have been higher had I used your query edit services sooner, but it’s encouraging to receive positive communications from Producers. We are a bit different than most writers just looking to sell their property since we’re a company that creates our own intellectual property and also seeks to co-produce our products.  Your organization is another door for us to knock on to achieve our objectives, so thank you."

Greg Hill

"I found your notes very interesting and potentially very useful. Many thanks for providing such a valuable service."

Richard Moir
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