Membership is simple. Once you purchase a package, you can submit your query letter to different Industry Pros or you can submit multiple letters in any way that suits your needs. You are guaranteed a response and comments back from our Industry Pros within 5 days of your submissions!

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If your Industry Pros are interested in your projects they will e-mail you through your personal account on the site!

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Why VPF? enables you to pitch your script, find a screenwriter agent, and sell your script to people in Hollywood. What makes VPF unique is that you can pick and choose who you pitch to and are guaranteed a response back. Also, our per-pitch fees are a fraction of those charged at live pitch events and they don't run out until you use them!

Writers who have won a screenwriting contest, or have received screenplay coverage and gone through the rewrite process, might ask themselves, "How do I sell my script?"

For every sold script in Hollywood, there are many others that never see the light of day. Screenplay and television script sales are tough, partly because it's very hard to get people to respond to cold calls or unsolicited query letters. Live pitch events are an option, but they can involve high travel costs, and pricey writing conference fees. And that's why we came up with Virtual Pitch Fest, where access is guaranteed!

Assuming you're ready to pitch your script - congrats! Now it's time to see what VPF companies and representatives are best suited for your material.

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