Colin Costello

It's Not What You Say, It's What You Don't

I’m currently rewriting a screenplay that's scheduled to shoot in July for two months. As I was sprinting through the second act over the past week (the fastest I have ever completed any act), one of the fears that more

Posted at 19 May, 2015 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Writing Tips, Selling

Colin Costello

Going Up?

If you should be so lucky as to be hired by a producer or a production company to write their film, I say, “Congratulations, friend.” I also offer a Costco-sized jar of Advil. Writing for a company comes with more

Posted at 05 May, 2015 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Networking, Selling, The Biz

Colin Costello

Learning From Failure

As promised, I’m back with the results of our Kickstarter campaign for our film “Immurement.” In short, we failed. Was it an epic flop? You betcha. We only raised 30% of our $18,000 goal. So what went more

Posted at 21 Apr, 2015 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Pitching, Networking, Selling, The Biz

Randall Silvis

The Big 3 for Screenwriters

Lots of young writers who've grown up in this MFA-hyped era believe the only way to become a successful screenwriter - or any kind of writer - is to acquire a degree in creative writing. But I’ve been teaching in more

Posted at 14 Apr, 2015 | By: Randall Silvis | Categories:  Writing Tips, Selling, The Biz

Colin Costello

Alone vs. Lonely

Ernest Hemingway once said: “Writing at its best, is a lonely life.” Of course, Hemingway was a miserable drunk who blew his brains out! Probably not the best example for newer writers. By definition, writing more

Posted at 07 Apr, 2015 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Writing Tips, The Biz

Colin Costello

Kickstart It

If we were to pin a Hollywood exec down and serve him a Sodium Pentothal cocktail or threaten him with a “Bill Cosby” Cappuccino, he may tell you the truth about the studio writer system – that there really more

Posted at 17 Mar, 2015 | By: Colin Costello

Colin Costello


I avoided my performance review for weeks. When the part-time runway model, part-time CEO slinked through the halls of my old ad agency, I avoided him like the plague. It’s not that I believed I was doing a bad job more

Posted at 03 Mar, 2015 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  The Biz

Jenny Frankfurt

Ever Expanding Opportunity

The entertainment business has become an open book. It didn’t used to be that way. Movies were king, TV was for the less fortunate and there was nothing in between. Today things have changed and it’s worth your more

Posted at 18 Feb, 2015 | By: Jenny Frankfurt | Categories:  Networking, Selling, The Biz

Colin Costello

Don't Be Clueless

As much as I enjoy writing horror and raunchy comedy, much of my produced success has come in another genre – the family film. “The Stream” (2013) was targeted at tweens and their parents. And my TV series more

Posted at 10 Feb, 2015 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Writing Tips, Selling, The Biz

John Weidner

Occupy Oz

Quick post-script to my article in the most recent “MovieMaker” mag. In an attempt to offer helpful tips and tricks to new Virtual Pitch Fest, InkTip and Black List users, I forgot to mention something that more

Posted at 29 Jan, 2015 | By: John Weidner | Categories:  Selling, The Biz

Randall Silvis

The Script Chef

Like many writers, over the years I've worked at numerous jobs that had no apparent connection to writing. As a teacher, however, I’ve discovered that my best writers come from outside academia. They come with a deeper more

Posted at 20 Jan, 2015 | By: Randall Silvis

Colin Costello

The Worst of the Year

Meg Cabot, the writer of “The Princess Diaries,” once said, “If you're writing a screenplay, you need to be prepared to let go. There's a good chance the words you write aren't going to be the ones that end more

Posted at 13 Jan, 2015 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  The Biz

Colin Costello

The Best Films of the Year

This was probably the hardest list for me to make, because I did see many great films this year. How is "Boyhood" not on this list? Or "Guardians of The Galaxy?" Or even, "The Lego Movie?" My criteria are very simple. What more

Posted at 08 Jan, 2015 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  The Biz

Rickie Castaneda

How to Write the Holidays

There’s no doubt that Hollywood loves holiday themed specials and movies. Christmas movies have become its own genre and the shelf life can be forever. So what makes a good Christmas film? As a writer of more than more

Posted at 30 Dec, 2014 | By: Rickie Castaneda

Colin Costello

Ain't that the Dickens

Is there a more perfect story than Charles Dickens’ novella, “A Christmas Carol?” There’s a reason it transcends radio, stage, film and even the “Huh-Huh-Humbug,” episode on “Beavis more

Posted at 24 Dec, 2014 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Writing Tips, Selling, The Biz

Rickie Castaneda

Ticking Clock

When outlining your story, one component to keep in mind is your “ticking clock.” The “ticking clock” is used a lot in thrillers and action films to create tension for impending doom, but it's a great more

Posted at 23 Dec, 2014 | By: Rickie Castaneda | Categories:  Writing Tips

Colin Costello

Character Cheat Sheet: The Big Five

Whether it’s Andrew Neiman attempting to become the next Buddy Rich in Terrence Fletcher’s torturous jazz class or Captain America chasing down The Winter Soldier, I believe all protagonists encounter five key more

Posted at 19 Dec, 2014 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Writing Tips

Rickie Castaneda

The Hero

Writing for the protagonist is rather tricky since readers usually wants to follow them; they're after all the purpose for the story. Naturally, you want them to be likable. But what about characters like Scarlett O’ more

Posted at 04 Dec, 2014 | By: Rickie Castaneda | Categories:  Writing Tips

Colin Costello

There Goes the Script-Hood

One of the great perks about The Writers Guild is the ability to go to their lovely theater to watch films for…FREE. Since I'm a confirmed cinephile, I love to take advantage of this. It gives me the opportunity to more

Posted at 02 Dec, 2014 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Writing Tips, The Biz

Colin Costello

Hooked on Horror

And now comes the moment we've been waiting for my fellow mad scientists (aka screenwriters). The moment we take your horror message, messenger (the monster) & protagonist and combine them into one giant scareplay! My more

Posted at 24 Nov, 2014 | By: Colin Costello | Categories:  Writing Tips

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